Time For The Truth

“Honest feelings and bad timing make the most painful combination”

This quote was 100% spot on about how I feel as a blogger today. Once upon a time I started with a small blog, writing random things from my life and adventures I did with my friends, that only my friends and some random person read. I loved every minute of it…but then something happened. I started to get followers, people that loved reading about me being at shows, meeting artists and travelled around in sweden and out in the world with my camera…and right there something changed. And it is now, when the world have shut down and I wont be able to do those things anymore, or at least for a while, that I realise, my blog and my feelings towards it have changed…alot.

When I first started I just did it because it was a fun way to keep my memories alive for years and years. I still have my first blog but I have it password protected so it´s just for myself to enjoy now. But today I asked myself…why am I blogging now? And honestly I didn´t have an answer, which is weird because I love to write and be creative. I still love taking photos and write down precious memories.

Maybe it is all the things going on in the world that messes with my head or maybe it´s because my body and head longs for vacation right now because I´m tired all the time, but I´m really not engaged in the blog or on social medias right now…and maybe that is okey? Maybe I need to take some time for myself and just be in the moment? Yes, that is exactly what I am doing right now.

I´m cleaning out every unnessesary distraction from MEtime and just go with the flow from now on. I hope that is okey with you all. Because this space should be filled with love, laughter and life in all the ways I can. So I´ll see you soon again hopefully as a better and more energetic person full of inspiration to share with you all!